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Do you crave to escape the bustling streets of London? How about a relaxing cultural trip to Zurich? Book a SWISS flight from London to Zurich and profit from our great fares! Zurich could not be much more different than London. Not even half a million people live in the Swiss metropolis, but still Zürich is one of the most important banking and finance cities in the world, on one level with cities like London, New York or Tokio. The orderly, clean and beautiful streets of the city already indicate that this is where the money is. However, there are things money can't buy, just as the breathtaking view of the local mountain Ãœtliberg, or the beauty and joy you experience when you cruise on the clear water of Lake Zurich. It is this mix of outstanding infrastructure, a strong economy and its natural beauty, which made Zurich the city with the highest quality of living in the world.

Sights like the Grossmünster cathedral or the local art museum are well worth a visit, while a trip to the zoo or to some of the chocolate factories located in Zurich might be more interesting for anyone travelling with their children. Explore the surrounding nature, take a day-trip to go skiing in winter or simply relax gazing at the calm water surface of Lake Zurich. And as already mentioned above, Zurich is the place for any banking business you might want to conduct! Book your tickets at SWISS.com and fly comfortably from London to Zurich.





  • Flight duration 01:40 hrs total
  • Frequency 8 x daily


London (LHR)
  • Terminal 2
  • Counter opening time 2 h prior to departure

Airbus A320-214

  • Height 11.80 m
  • Length 37.60 m
  • Seats 136-168




Cabin crew



Zurich (ZRH)

Distance to city centre

12 km
  • Train 7 CHF / 15 mins
  • Taxi 60 CHF / 20 mins